WB wants Steven Spielberg to lead the leader of the Jews


It’s rare that you get to report on what is simultaneously big, exciting news that also doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, except MAYBE this time it will happen. Warner Brothers is trying to attract Steven Spielberg, director of 1941 and The Terminal, to direct their developing Moses biopic/biblical epic, Gods and Kings. The film would follow the life of Moses from birth to death, based more strictly on the Old Testament’s Book of Exodus than Cecil B. DeMille’s classic The Ten Commandments

I’m excited to see if this actually happens. Spielberg is notoriously difficult to sign to a project, as he vastly prefers to go off and do his own thing. That’s something you can do when your movies have made roughly the same amount of money as there are stars in all of the possible universe. In addition, he’s already got enough projects on tap to last him into 2013 or further. With all that said, Spielberg’s Jewish heritage has always been a big part of his oeuvre, so if any project would be able to command his attention, it would be Gods and Kings

Also, this is the third famous Jew picture mentioned in the past couple months, with Arronofsky’s Noah and Mel Gibson’s Maccabe movies coming before it. Maybe the Chosen People are finally going to get some representation in Hollywood.

[Via Deadline]