We could see a reboot of The Mask with a female lead


Has it really been 25 years since The Mask made its crazy debut? It certainly has, and in the age of so many remakes and reboots it seems the creator of the film is open to the idea of not only a remake but mixing up the lead character. This time we could see a very different person donning the famous green mask according to an interview with Forbes. Mike Richardson who helmed The Mask, as well as The Founder of Dark Horse Comics, gave us insight into what could possibly lie ahead. The future for The Mask it seems could be female.

“I’d like to see a really good physical comedian . I have one in mind, but I’m not gonna say her name. We have to do a lot of convincing for this particular actor, but we’ll see … You never know what’s coming in the future. We have some ideas,”

1994 saw Jim Carrey as this quirky character that till this day still gives me nightmares. A lot has changed since then in film and television so I imagine it will be much more visually appealing this time around. In an era where almost every single popular franchise is either getting a reboot or a sequel, nothing is sacred anymore. It seems Hollywood has really run out of original ideas, so in hopes of drawing in new audiences, they want us to return to old classics.

The Mask has always been such an iconic film and character so if we do see it rebooted with a female lead who knows what could happen. It will defiantly be interesting to see what the future may hold and just what lucky actress gets the part. We are far from being done with these remakes you can bet on that, so all that’s left to do is sit back grab some popcorn and wait.

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Tarah Bleier
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