We don’t like SOPA but we love Sopapilla


Earlier today, our old-ass grandfather site Destructoid farted its way through a post about the official Modern Method opposition to SOPA. It’s far more eloquent than what I would manage here, so if you’re curious as to why we would oppose it, please read that post. There may be some hosting migration downtime, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated if that does happen.

For now, I want to make it known that Flixist stands squarely on the side of Sopapilla. As seen above, the sopapilla is a delicious fried pastry that has never hurt anyone. It would never try to restrict the freedom of the GREATEST NOT-PLACE ON EARTH, He Who Is On High, The Internet. Sopapilla mostly just goes really well with honey and occasionally annoys you because it’s too hot to eat but you want it too bad to wait.

If you’re unsure of your support for sopapilla, please direct your questions to the state of New Mexico and its wonderful cuisine.