We may be getting a Baby Shark movie


For anyone alive with children “Baby Shark” is a song that will never ever ever leave your head. Its catchy beat and easy dance has captured the minds of children everywhere and burrowed deep into their cerebral cortexes so that they beg to hear it over and over. Now imagine it in movie form. 

In a recent interview with The New York Times discussing the song’s placement on the Billboard 100, Bin Jeong, chief executive of Pinkfong USA, the Korean company behind the song, admitted that the company was in the process of creating movies and TV shorts under the brand. It’s unclear if they’ll all be “Baby Shark” based, but it sure sounds like it. They’ll also tie it all together with a bunch of toys and other crap that they want to produce to capitalize on the sudden fervor around their song, which debuted in 2015. 

Obviously, there are no details on the movie and it could never happen, but given that they made a movie out of Angry Birds anything is really possible. My guess is that any Pinkfong movie wouldn’t be a theatrical release, but more of a special on a kid’s TV network. Then again, they mention DVDs as a separate thing from the movie so Grandpa Shark could be gracing the big screen sometime soon sounding like Danny DeVito. 

I will admit to having my own plot already created for a “Baby Shark” film. You see, I heard the song before I ever saw the video. In listening to the lyrics I assumed the sharks were all singing their own parts so for me it sounded like everyone was afraid when Grampa Shark showed up. They run away from him and then finally are safe at last when they find a good hiding spot.

From that understanding of the song, I’d like a dark and gritty family drama about the oppression of a shark family by their alcoholic, abusive shark patriarch. Cowled for decades under his abusive hand, when a new child enters the picture the family finally finds the strength to leave. Will they survive on their own and live to be… safe at last?

That’s a free one, Hollywood. You’re welcome.

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Matthew Razak
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