We’re getting another I Know What You Did Last Summer


I Know What You Did Last Seventeen Years Ago was a big hit when it first arrived in 1997 during Kevin Williamson’s golden age where he wrote scripts for films like Scream and The Faculty. And as such, it did well enough to get a sequel and then another sequel nine years later. It’s probably because the cast was littered with big teen names like Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr, and every other three named actor you can think of. 

Well, we’re getting a reboot. Produced by Neal Moritz (who handled the original years ago), and is being written by the Oculus duo Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard. Now I’m optimistic. It’s not going to be cheesily great like the original, but since it’ll be based more on the novel this time around, perhaps it’ll be interesting to watch. But do we have big name teen stars now? I’m sick of no-name MTV starlets. 

[via Deadline]