We’re getting more Dredd films…sort of


Since Dredd released back in 2012, fans of the character (as well as we here at Flixist) have been chomping at the bit for a sequel. It’s one of the rare situations where we enjoyed a film so much, we want more of it rather than just getting another film because it was already happening anyway. Producer Adi Shankar realizes this as well and has been trying his hardest to get another film off the ground. 

But unfortunately, we’re getting more Dredd in a different way. Like his Punisher and Venom shorts (known as the Bootleg Universe), we’re getting an unofficial Dredd miniseries titled Dark Judges. No idea what’s in store for them, or if Karl Urban will be back in any way (Thomas Jane came back for Dirty Laundry, so anything’s possible) but you can be damn sure we’ll post them here when they arrive. 

To get an idea of how these films will work, check out the awesome Dirty Laundry and Truth in Journalism below. 

[via The Wrap]