Website generates giant supercuts from supercuts


Andy Baio and Micheal Bell-Smith recently created the website, which algorithmically creates enormous mashup, or “supercut”, videos by sampling from a huge collection of supercut videos on the internet. One of the most prominent themes appears to be every time various characters in various movies say “f*ck”, so beware, many of these videos are NSFW for use of such adult language.

The site’s creators say, “‘Supercuts’ are obsessive-compulsive montages of video clips, meticulously isolating every instance of a single item, usually cliches, phrases, and other tropes. The SuperSuperCut of the homepage is a random selection of clips from every supercut in the database, algorithmically-generated using youtube-dl, scene detection from shotdetect, and video processing with ffmpeg.” I think this site is a funny commentary on the fad of “supercutting”, by smushing together a whole bunch of clips that have nothing to do with each other, you create a strange, disjointed narrative. One that speaks to the insanity of the supercut video.

[via Laughing Squid]