Webslinging and stunts from The Amazing Spider-Man


Even though I have a soft spot in my otherwise indestructible vibranium heart for Spider-Man 2, I’m steadily warming up to The Amazing Spider-Man. In the above clip, you get to see Spidey swinging around New York City, likely for the first time in costume judging from his dialogue. There is much thwipping.

You may recall our interview with veteran stuntman and action director Vic Armstrong last week. During the interview, he talked about his work on The Amazing Spider-Man and how this new Spidey film approached webslinging. He mentioned that there was a lot of physical stuntwork used when possible rather than relying too much on CG. They made a conscious effort to ground the action in realism. For the swinging and webslinging, it was important that the audience saw the weight working on Spidey’s body as his momentum arced him down and then back up, sort of like Tarzan.

You can see a lot of that sensibility in the clip above. It looks more like a Steve Ditko or John Romita take on webslinging rather than the Todd MacFarlane take in the Raimi films, if that makes sense.

But that’s not all, true believers. After the cut, a brief new featurette on the stunts of The Amazing Spider-Man featuring Vic Armstrong, his brother Andy Armstrong, Andrew Garfield, and director Marc Webb. It includes behind-the-scenes footage of several stunts being performed, including some of the swinging in the above clip.

[Via Cinema Blend; SFX]

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