Weekend Watchlist: Robots and explosions


So kiddos, what did you see this weekend? Did your fourth of July consist of fireworks and dimly lit theatergoing?

I got to watch what might have been the world’s most ridiculous small-town fireworks display. See that fireball in the header image? Yeah, they had those. They set off massive fireballs for no reason, and we were sitting close enough to feel the heat.

Now, on to what we all really want to know. Tell us what movies you saw this weekend!

Remember when Fast Five came out? A summer movie all about cars and explosions? Pretty cool, but thank goodness that film came out before the new Transformers, which is also all about cars and explosions, but the cars turn into giant f*cking robots. And Paul Walker isn’t it in. You could even go see Transformers right now! Hooray Wednesday release!

If you’d rather wait until Friday to see a new movie, you’ll have to decide between Tom Hanks and that one teen actress who is famous for some reason. I blame Disney. Either way, the robots sound way better than Larry Crowne or Monte Carlo, so there you have it.

Make your decisions. Choose wisely. Record your choices here to be judged.