Weekend Watchlist: Screw it, Hot Fuzz


That’s what I said this weekend, at least. With absolutely no desire to venture out into the throngs to see movies that probably aren’t very good, I watched Hot Fuzz. Unfortunately, I watched Hot Fuzz on Comedy Central. Unaware that the film even had a television cut, I sat down to enjoy one of my favorite movies, only interspersed with commercial happiness.

When you’ve seen a movie as many times as I’ve seen Hot Fuzz, television edits become insanely frustrating. I’m not even talking about things like language or violence; it’s more a matter of, “Hey, let’s cut this line to save some time.” OK, that’s great and all, but I liked that line. I was even about to recite it right along with the movie. And you ruined it. You monster.

So maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, but at least I didn’t waste money on Apollo 18. Thanks, fellow Flixist reviewers! What did everyone else see over the extended weekend? Give us your thoughts!

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