Weekend Watchlist: The Transformers aftermath


Sadly, I didn’t get the opportunity to see Horrible Bosses this weekend. I’ve heard good things though! Words such as “funny” have been thrown around in reference to the film. Funny! Imagine that!

I think I had a dream about seeing Zookeeper, though. Kevin James and I were in it together, except I was a beekeeper, and we were competing for a world wrestling title. I somehow developed the ability to launch bees out of my eyeballs whenever I saw Kevin James, which really made it an unfair match. Kevin James was also allergic to bee stings, and for some reason his hair started on fire when he died.

When I woke up, I reviewed the movie and gave it an 8.95. If you saw a better movie than that this weekend, let us know in the comments.

Now that Dark of the Moon has come and gone, we can get back to some actual competition at the box office. In fact, I’ve got no guesses for what will come out on top this weekend, but I can tell you this: Transformers will make a lot more money. More even than the new releases? It’s a definite possibility.

So, what have we got? Horrible Bosses actually has some promise in my eyes; how can you not love that cast? Zookeeper looks exactly like Night at the Museum, except at the zoo. Some will also get to see John Carpenter’s The Ward or more theaters for The Tree of Life, among others.

For this week, what’s your choice going to be? Next week…Potter.