Weekend Watchlist: Weird titles


Believe it or not, Super 8 has one of the more normal titles among the films opening this week. Sure, Super 8 is probably the only one opening near you that you have any interest in, but there’s plenty of weirdness coming out elsewhere.

Take, for instance, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Eschewing grammar in favor of rhyming, Judy Moody promises a summer that is, indeed, not a bummer. It doesn’t promise a movie that isn’t a bummer, but if you happen to see it over the weekend, please correct me if my instinct is wrong.

We also have Bride Flight, which is a movie about flying brides I think. And TrollHunter is, of course, about a troll hunter, or a hunter that is also a troll, or maybe neither. Maybe trollhunter is just an entirely new word that has nothing to do with trolls or hunting. I think it’s a sports movie.

So, what movies are going to show up on your list this weekend?