Weekend Watchlist: What did you see?


The weekend has come and gone, everyone! That means it’s time to meet back here at the predetermined place and have our little pow-wow, just like we agreed upon. Ready? Pow-wow.

Oh, right, we haven’t done this yet. Don’t worry; it’s easy. Just let everyone know what you watched over the weekend and comment on how terrible everyone’s taste is.

As for me? I sat down for Hanna on Saturday and maybe sort of enjoyed it I think. I don’t know. It was a movie. I also enjoyed some Hot Fuzz, which I hadn’t watched in like a year. Felt like forever. 

No idea what this is doing here? Catch up by reading the original post after the break.

Welcome to a new community type thingy here on Flixist, the Weekend Watchlist. With each new weekend comes a new set of movies, new opportunities to catch up on the last week’s films, and the general abundance of free time that allows people to relax with a great flick. This is your chance to tell everyone what you’ll be seeing.

So, for this first week, we’ve got a pretty obvious big contender: Scream 4. If that’s not your thing, another animated film, Rio, lands alongside The Constipator, which I’ll personally be seeing in lieu of The Conspirator. There are also some more limited releases like Atlas Shrugged.

Seeing any new films? Renting anything on DVD? Whatever your plans are, tell us about them in the comments. We’ll reconvene to discuss how our viewing plans came together. How’s Monday sound? So nice? So nice.