Weekend Watchlist: You’ll be seeing mutants


So, did the mutants tempt you into a seat at your local theater this weekend? Sounds like a decent number ended up seeing it, and not too many of those were disappointed. What did you think?

Did you catch up on some older movies this weekend? Or did you go back to the theater and watch Jumping the Broom and Something Borrowed since there are apparently still people doing that? Tell us what you did in the comments and we might not make fun of you maybe!

Here we are again in a week with little to no choice. Like the latest Pirates movie, X-Men: First Class is coming out pretty much unchallenged, so you’ll have an easier time deciding what to see at the theater this weekend. Or you could always go watch Thor again, which seems to still be playing pretty much everywhere. 

So, what’s it going to be, movie-watching public? A movie about a group of superheroes, or a movie about just one superhero? That or you could wait a couple of weeks to see a movie about a superhero. That one’s green. Am I sensing a trend?

Let us know what you’re seeing by posting a comment!