Werner Herzog to direct Bill & Ted 3?


Werner Herzog is no stranger to high concept fantasy comedies–Oh, wait. Make that he’s a PERFECT stranger to high concept fantasy comedies. The critically acclaimed auteur of films like Rescue Dawn and the more recent Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life revealed in a recent interview with MovieWeb that he might direct Bill & Ted 3 if it has “a good screenplay.” It seems rather random to me to ask a question such as this to someone so completely unrelated to the production of any Bill & Ted movie ever made, but I won’t scoff at any Bill & Ted 3 news, considering we haven’t heard anything on this project since April when Alex Winter (Bill) tweeted that a script for the movie had just been completed. Herzog reportedly has some time before financing on his next project comes through, so he will have some time on his hands… to direct a Bill & Ted threequel mayhaps? We’ll see.

So, I’m an unabashed mega fan of Bill & TedBill & Ted’s Bogus Journey in particular. I’m of the minute percentage of people whose favorite films are known for their “quirk” factor. Back to the Future, Beetlejuice, The Fifth Element, et. al. Bill & Ted just happens to belong to that distinguished group of films. I’ve always admired the film’s ability to simultaneously mock and praise the characters being lampooned. The characters of Bill & Ted are probably no one you would want to hang out with, the surfer-type simpletons that they are, but they’re very pure in their intentions and unflinchingly optimistic, which in turn makes them likeable characters. This coupled with a “completely serious plot” and a hilarious dynamic between Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves makes the films something I’ll always come back to. Here’s hoping the movie happens. I’d love to see Herzog’s take on this universe.

[Via MovieWeb]