Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson reteaming for next film


Frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson is nowhere to be found in Moonrise Kingdom. Anderson co-wrote the film with Roman Coppola, and there’s not even a cameo for Wilson anywhere in the picture. But Wilson will be back for the next Wes Anderson film in some sort of acting role. Anderson has already mentioned that the new movie is an ensemble piece set in Europe. He described it to Vulture in an interview a few days ago:

You’ve spent some time over the last few years living in France. Do you think it’s had an effect on your filmmaking?

Well, I think I got more of the French sensibility in my work from watching French movies, probably, than living in France. But there’s actually a script I’m working on now that’s a European story and it kind of [draws from] my own experience here, in the details that are finding their way into it.

Are you writing your next screenplay on your own?

I’ve already written the script, but the story I made up with a friend.

Can you tell me who?

You wouldn’t know him. [Laughs.] He’s not involved with the movie business, he’s just an old friend. And in fact, he’s an old friend who’s very bright and funny and talented, but we also have a mutual friend who’s the inspiration for one of the main characters. So we’ve partly used our shared experiences to kind of build that character.

No other details are available about this next Wes Anderson movie, and The Playlist notes that it wouldn’t even start shooting until 2013 at the earliest. But let’s just assume it’s a semi-sequel to Bottle Rocket in which Dignan (Wilson) inherits the mantle of legendary master criminal Fantomas.

[Via The Playlist and Vulture]

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