Wes Anderson color palette swatches show continuity


Designer Beth Mathews has created this image showing what she believes to be the main color palettes for all of Wes Anderson’s movies. She asserts on her blog that “You no longer have to be just a business to have a brand,” and her color palettes show that Anderson pays close attention to what colors he chooses for his images.

The only issue I have with Mathews’ colors is that I think her mock up of Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited is way off. Personally, I think that movie is way brighter and more vibrant than the colors she chose, I mean, it’s set in India! In fact, the colors of The Darjeeling Limited are one of the most memorable parts of the movie for me. Anyway, the rest are pretty cool, like The Life Aquatic is totally all blue and yellow and red.

[via Laughing Squid]