Wes Anderson is making another stop-motion animated film


Whenever people talk about the rarely released great animated films of the past decade, I feel like Wes Anderson’s animation debut, Fantastic Mr. Fox often gets left out of the conversation. I’m not sure why, the movie had beautiful stop-motion animation, fantastic atmosphere, and was loaded to the brim with little details. It was an adorable little movie, and if you missed it, it would be a great time to watch it with Fall now running in.

For those who already have seen and love the film, rejoice, for it’s just been announced that Anderson will be starting production on a brand new animated feature. The new movie will be stop-motion like Fantastic Mr. Fox and will focus on a cast comprised of dogs. So from one furry subject matter to the next, I suppose.

Not much else is known about the feature yet, but pre-production is already underway in the UK, where the movie will be shot and filmed.