Wesley Snipes joins expendables, Gibson to direct?


I’m not really sure which part of this news stories is more surprising. See we were pretty sure Wesley Snipes was dead so him being cast (perfectly) in the next Expendables film is definitely shocking. On the other hand, you have news that Stallone is desires Mel Gibson to direct. While the Tweets confirming Snipes casting have since been taken off Stallone’s Twitter there’s no reason to think they were lies.

Joking aside, Snipes is clearly a great choice since he fits right in with all the other elder action statesmen including newcomer Jackie Chan. The real screwball is Gibson, who would bring a level of skill to directing the film about eleventy billion times greater than the previous two films. On the flip side the man is an asshole and horrible person no matter how good at making movies he is. One thing is for sure if Gibson directed it the would generate even more buzz than usual, though, as Stallone said himself, it’s highly unlikely considering the guy is pretty busy with his own stuff.

[via Ain’t It Cool]

Matthew Razak
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