West Coast Avengers movie



Joss Whedon never gets a break. It’s sad, really. The writer/director puts out solid material but whenever his stuff fails its always tied some some story where the producers ask him to retool his work to be more accessible to the common denominator or the bottom line.

The Avengers appears to be no different, and has turned into the epic battle between creative mind and bigwig pressure. First there was Edward Norton being replaced by Mark Ruffalo for the Incredible Hulk, a decision that still infuriates me. Then rumors started trickling down about Marvel wanting to attempt their most ambitious film ever on a frugal budget. Now?

Now The Avengers will abandon its home in Manhattan to shoot in sunny five-percent-more-in-tax-credit Los Angeles if Bleeding Cool is to be believed. Hey, remember when the comicbook Avengers opened a branch in Cali? I think it was something about not covering enough of the United States with their one Tony Stark bankrolled location. They were led by Hawkeye, more interested in banging one of his teammates than living up to the name. He threw backyard barbecues on the regular, sporadically getting dressed to fight D-list “super” villains like Pandemonium and Griffin.

Bad Marvel mojo in that place.

(Via Bleedingcool)