Westworld III’s trailer is full of Brain Damage


Now that Game of Thrones is over, it seems like HBO is throwing us new trailers every other day to keep people subscribed to them now that the epic fantasy drama has ended. First we had Watchmen debut its trailer while still not giving us a solid answer what the hell is happening with it. Then we had His Dark Materials show off its polar bears while also telling us nothing about its premise. But while both trailers could be somewhat comprehensible given familiarity with the source material, they’re nothing compared to the sheer confusion that Westworld brought last night in its Season 3 trailer. 

From what I could piece together, the trailer finally shows us what life is like outside of the various Delos parks and how the world works. Aaron Paul looks to be our new protagonist, who seems like some kind of a construction worker that occasionally dabbles in a life of crime. And because Westworld is Westworld, I’m not even certain that any of that is true and Aaron Paul isn’t in a simulation of some kind. The one certainty is that at the end of the trailer, he runs into Dolores/Wyatt, which can only end in misery for him and more chaos for anyone that encounters her.

Westworld III, as it’s being called, seems set to be an interesting new direction for the show. When I talked about Season 2 last year, I was left disappointed by how the show seemed to introduce twists and turns for the sake of them, leaving logic at the wayside. I don’t think even 1% of the viewers of last season were able to see the end game or completely decipher just what was going on in that mindfuck, and this is a series where the fan base was able to predict the finale of the first season by the fourth episode. It was a Gordian Knot of a season that left me more deflated than impressed. But with Westworld III, throwing nearly all of that out the window and leaving us with the reminder that several of the Hosts are in the real world with a few mysterious cores smuggled from the parks is a good way to ease me back in. It’s like the show is starting from scratch and I can dig it. I can also dig that Pink Floyd got some representation in the trailer. “Brain Damage” is such an underrated song and fits the mood here perfectly.

Westworld III will debut sometime in 2020.

Jesse Lab
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