Wet Hot American Summer to get a sequel


Do you remember the rumors of a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer? Well, last July, former State member David Wain said the idea was out there for a sequel to the 2001 comedy. Then on January 24, the entire cast of the film reunited at San Francisco’s Sketchfest and reenacted scenes from the movie.

Well it turns out those rumors were true, according to Bravo’s Twitter. Last night, they wrote “‘WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER’ SEQUEL IS A GO WITH THE WHOLE CAST, says @mshowalter. #freakingout #WWHL,” with “@mshowalter” being Michael Showalter. Well, that’s confirmation enough I suppose!

There are no further details, but there was some speculation a few years back that another installment might be a prequel, with the actors playing younger versions of themselves. Of course, they were too old for the roles in the first place, so this might not be as strange as it seems.

[Via FilmDrunk]