Wha’ Happened: National Alfred Hitchcock Day


Did you know today was National Alfred Hitchcock day? I had no clue, but it’s inspired me to rename this feature so that each day we learn of an awesome new holiday such as this. I mean without this day would have stopped for a second and thought about just how awesome Alfred Hitchcock is? No, you would not have. Way to do the thing you’re supposed to do National Alfred Hitchcock Day.

So which Hitchcock will you be digging up to watch in a day late celebration? I think I’m going to bust out Rope. It’s hard to find, but if you can it’s an amazing watch. Oh, and look, here are some amazing reads.


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Hey, it’s Mickey Mou… OH MY GOD! KILL IT! KILL IT!
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Seriously, it was like creepy creature day over at Tomo.


Japanator Saimoe 2012 starts next week. Get your votes ready for your fave anime girl.
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