Wha’ Happened: National Everything You Know Is Wrong Day


I’m not making these holidays up. According to Hallmark, the people who make holidays up professionally, every holiday I put here is totally real. Of course since today is National Everything You Know is Wrong Day and you now know this I suppose for today it is wrong. Luckily today is almost over and you can go back to being right all the time tomorrow.

There are a few things that aren’t wrong today, though. Those things are the posts below. Read them, they’re the only thing that’s right today.


Diablo III landing on May 15. Prepare to experience every bright color of the rainbow.
The ten best bars in videogames. I would have tossed every drinkin’ joint in Full Throttle in.
Elder Scrolls to be an MMO.


Hobbes (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) made out of comics.
Only on Tomopop will you read about cannibalistic cookies.
Exclusive peek at Vinyl Thoughts 2’s customs. Mario to boot.


Japanator Recommends: Final Fantasy XIII-2.
Japanatour: Arcades. Everything you wanted to know about arcades in the country that actually still has them.
Contest: Meet Divina‘s characters and win.

Matthew Razak
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