Wha’ Happened: National Goof-off Day


Sometimes I’m upset that I do these posts at night because I don’t realize that the day is some holiday and thus I don’t celebrate it. Today I totally missed my chance to goof-off at work all day without getting in trouble. I’m positive my boss would have been fine if I had been downing beers and dancing shirtless on my desk all day. This is a totally legit reason to do this.

Maybe a less “getting fired” way of goofing off is to read some of these posts.


Office Chat. The gang talks social games and Dark Souls.
Review: Blades of Time
Remedy working on next-gen games. Time to start saving for those new consoles.


Review: Blazblue Jubei Plush
ThreeA shows off its Companion Cube Square. It looks a little like a duck.
Watch an origami rhinoceros unfold. Sounds boring, is actually awesome.


Annotated Anime. More fun in the land of all your fave animes.
Bike race anime PV is so saccharine it gave me diabetes. Just a great headline.
THIS is what’s replacing Bleach. I agree… sigh.

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