Wha’ Happened: The Network Roundup (3/7/12)


I’m working my way through every episode of every show of Star Trek and can I just tell you that Next Generation is even better than I remembered it as a kid. I’m still a Kirk guy, but I can feel myself moving closer to Picard with every episode. What does this have to do with the recap? Pretty much nothing. I’m guessing random thoughts are going to the be the soup du jour for this sucker.

I’ll try to make it connect though. Please enjoy the posts from this federation of sites. Their prime directive is to keep you informed and entertained. Eh? Eh? Yea, I shouldn’t quite my day job, should I?


New iPad announced. I don’t even have an old iPad.
New Sim City is on the way. Now you can destroy your city with even better graphics.
Rumored PS4 visuals. Graphics are everything as we all know.


WoW Arthas statue. I don’t play, but this guy looks really threatening.
Nanoha StrikerS’ Fate in a bikini. Because bikinis.
Freddy Krueger in toy form. It’s Robert Englund and it’s creepy.


Annotated Anime. Catch up on your anime because there’s just too much to watch on your own.
Tokyo Sky Tree opening in May. It’s the second tallest thing in the world and you can buy tickets.
Babes dressed as ice cream. Yum.

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