What is your favorite way to watch a movie?


Today is a very special day. Today we unveil our low-quality rip-off of The Question, a videogame-themed weekly thing run by our sister site, Destructoid, where the staff answers some pertinent question and then puts it out there for the community. Hooray!

Now, when I say low-quality, I mean it. It’s pretty bad looking. Our little intro thing would be laughed out a first grade animation class, and we’re going to need to figure out a few of the camera situations… But you know what? Growing pains. If anyone would like to make us a several-second long introduction to use on all future Flixist videos, let me know, because that would be super cool.

Anyway, to start this series off, we wanted to ask something significant, and the way you watch a movie is pretty darn significant. So we’ve said our piece, what is your favorite way to watch a movie?