Where’s Waldo? movie just got real


As if there wasn’t enough nostalgia rape going around, what with The Smurfs having recently been a thing and the new The Lorax movie on the horizon, now there’s another children’s book getting crapdapted. Yes, that’s right. Crapdapted: Adapted to crap. It’s Where’s Waldo?‘s turn for a cinematic adaptation, and it’s going to be live-action! Yay! Ow… It hurts to feign enthusiasm…

I can only imagine how the snazzy-in-the-60’s outfits will be updated to today’s standards. Will Waldo be wearing skinny jeans or have gauges in his ears? Will his hair droop over his eyes in the emo fashion? What about that cane? No, seriously… What was up with that cane? Was Waldo handicapped or something? Does he just walk around with it to look cool? Because I find that very insulting, as would the entire handicapped community… Admittedly, however, he does look rather cool with it.

In any case, MGM is heading up this movie, pegging it as a “live-action family adventure” movie. One might think that a Where’s Waldo? movie is long overdue, since the go time might have probably been the mid-90’s to do this kind of thing… But, we’re getting it now. Too little, too late or better late than never? You be the judge. Let’s just hope they at least try to class up the film with some stellar talent… Although, recent trends seem to denote that with these types of adaptations comes the inevitable catering to the younger generation, much at the confusion of us 20 and 30-somethings who grew up with the damn things.

[Via Vulture]