Who may appear in the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3?


Hot on the heels of our last piece of big Marvel news comes an awesome new rumor on who will appear in Iron Man 3‘s inevitable post-credits sequence next year. This is sandwiched into a news item confirming that Die Hard 2 villain William Sadler will be playing Dr. Sal Kennedy, a friend of Tony Stark’s and yet another key player in the Extremis storyline, giving further credence to internet speculation that the film will draw heavily on Warren Ellis and Aii Granov’s seminal story. Additionally, Cobie Smulder’s Maria Hill will be appearing in Iron Man 3, serving as more connective tissue between the Marvel movies as Agent Coulson did.

Again, there’s also the mention of the possibility of who may show up in the final post-credits sequence. I’ll throw that after the cut for those of you that wish to avoid spoilers, but I’ll drop this one hint: a different filmmaker will be shooting that final scene as a tie-in to their own Marvel movie.

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[Via Comic Book Movie]

Yep, according to this rumor, Edgar Wright will pick up the camera to film the Iron Man 3 post credits scene to introduce Ant-Man to the world. Wright, along with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, has been developing an Ant-Man movie for quite a long time but other commitments have kept the film from taking shape. Recent tweets from Wright himself suggest he’s back on the Ant-Man horse, though it’s safe to say we’ll see The World’s End before Ant-Man.