Why is Interstellar one minute shorter in 70mm?


Today the critics in DC got information on the upcoming screenings of Interstellar and for some reason it turns out that Christopher Nolan’s space film is one minute longer in its non-70mm format. As you hopefully know the movie is being released in both standard and 70mm format, but there’s no reason one should be longer than the other. The format change doesn’t change length. According to the release the 70mm is 168 minutes while the non-70mm is only 169. 

So why is one longer? Are 70mm fans going to be getting a little bit less with their film? Maybe there’s an opening explanation from the man himself scolding all those who see it in digital. Maybe the credits are just longer. Whatever the reason if you were already going to see it 70mm you still should because it’ll be better no matter what.

We reached out to the publicist who said that she wasn’t quite sure what the different running time meant, but said it might have something to do with the digital vs. 70mm format. So, still no answer.

Matthew Razak
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