Will Bruce Willis play THE G.I. Joe?


We haven’t seen much good material out of Bruce Willis lately. Red was fun, yeah, as was his super brief appearance the the otherwise-crappy The Expendables, but the less said about Cop Out and Setup, the better. Today, Bruno’s in negotiations to hitch his wagon to the G.I. Joe franchise. He is currently “in talks,” that noxious Hollywood phrase, to play General Joe Colton in G.I. Joe: Retribution. Joe was the man that originally gained the moniker G.I. Joe for his general awesomeness in pursuit of kicking the asses of America’s enemies and founder of the G.I. Joe strike force. Basically, Bruce Willis is in line to play the only man to out-American George Washington and Ronnie America combined.

Since Dennis Quaid isn’t returning, it’s safe to say Willis’s character would act in a similar function as Quaid’s, acting as the grizzled, take-no-sh*t commander of the Joes. So, y’know, good for him. As long as someone mentions porkchop sandwiches, I’ll be happy. 

[Via Heat Vision]