Will Elizabeth Olsen star with Josh Brolin in Oldboy?


For better or worse, I think we’re all looking forward to Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy with Josh Brolin, if only to see it fail. You’ve got a little more reason to be excited now, as Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House star Elizabeth Olsen is now in talks to play the female lead in the remake. In the Korean original, the female lead was a sushi chef who brought Oh Dae-Su back to her apartment and eventually helps him on his quest to figure out why he was imprisoned for fifteen years. In the remake, her role will apparently be a caseworker who helps Josh Brolin investigate what happened to him. It’s a small difference, so there’s no telling how/if this will affect the character’s arc/situation through the film, in comparison to the Korean original.

I’ve got an interview with Ms. Olsen going up next week, and apart from being an exceptionally talent actress. Seriously, just go see Martha Marcy May Marlene. The word “amazing” doesn’t adequately cover her performance. If there’s anyone that can deal with a challenging, complex role like the one that could be here, it’s her.

[Via /Film]