Will Rihanna join the cast of Fast and Furious 6?


For director Justin Lin, Rihanna is the Only Girl (In the World) to play the villain in Fast and Furious 6, at least if The Daily Mail is to be believed. The sequel to Fast Five still only has a working title, which makes it a little Hard to take this news too seriously, but I could totally see Rihanna tell someone to Shut Up and Drive. 

Rihanna makes her acting debut in Battleship, which hasn’t come out in the US yet, so I won’t be a Rude Boy and comment on her talent. But considering that this is a franchise based around cars driving fast and exploding just to look cool, it doesn’t Disturbia me to see her get a role. It’s Rockstar 101 to put pop icons in movies like this, so getting her name out there isn’t an S&M move. It Don’t Stop the Music career she built, so it can only help the singer and possibly boost the movie’s audience.

Rihanna, You da One, so Take a Bow!

[Via Collider]