Will Sasso confirmed for Three Stooges


After being in development hell for well over a decade, the Farrelly brother’s Three Stooges movie may be coming closer to fruition. Will Sasso (MadTV, Southland Tales) has been signed to play the rotund Curly. In addition, the film is circling around two actors for Moe and Larry. Hank Azaria is the current frontrunner for Moe, which is both pitch perfect casting and rather funny given his longtime role as Moe Syzslak on The Simpsons. As for Larry, the Farrellys are looking at Cyclops himself, James Marsden. This may come as a surprise for those of you that mostly know Marsden through his more serious comic book property roles, but he’s one funny SOB in Enchanted and, as the article on JoBlo points out, a real scene-stealer in the underrated Sex Drive.

I remain cautiously excited for this movie. The Three Stooges has been the Farrelly Brothers’s passion project since Dumb and Dumber, and as it’s being done in twenty-seven minute-long segments, like classic Stooges movies, there’s obviously a great deal of respect being given to the Holiest of Holy that  are the Three Stooges.

[Via JoBlo]