Will Smith may be a modern-day Job


Will Smith, also known as the father of acclaimed musical artist Willow Smith, is attached to star in Joe, a modern day interpretation of the Book of Job from the Bible. For those unfamiliar, Job’s story is a parable about faith in the face of adversity. God, in order to prove a point to Satan, kills Job’s family, destroys his home, and gives him horrible boils, and yet Job is still faithful to God.  The film is written by The Fighter scribes Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson. Tamasy had this to say on the project: “It’s a dramedy.  At it’s heart, it’s a comedy — but it’s got, obviously, a real dramatic core to it.”

Look at that those last two sentences. Doesn’t that fill you with dread? The story of a man tortured by God to win a bet with Satan, and it’s a goddamned dramedy. Watching the “Whip My Hair” video was closer to a book of Job adaptation, where I’m Job, and Willow Smith is the boils on my face and the death of my loved ones.

[Via /Film]