Will Smith’s time with Suicide Squad is dead… shot


WB and DC sure know how to get their movies going, don’t they? From director switches to drastic re-edits, we’ve seen it all. And now one of the headlining stars of Suicide Squad will not be returning. Variety is reporting that Will Smith has had to drop out from the film due to scheduling conflicts. No report on what the conflicts are but can you imagine for a moment someone dropping out of a Marvel film because of scheduling? Yea, not gonna happen. You schedule your crap around the Marvel movie because Marvel has its schedule on lock.

The report says that the split is entirely amicable and that the film, which is being written and directed by James Gunn, is still on schedule. With Margot Robbie stealing the show the last time around we’re guessing the sequel’s plot was focussing pretty heavily on her anyway so losing Smith’s Deadshot might not be that big a blow. It will be interesting to see if they recast the character or simply write him out thanks to the fact that it’s a team movie and you can just bring in another member of the Suicide Squad who wasn’t featured in the first film.

That first film, by the way, sucked. It made a lot of money so they’re making another, but it sucked. I had high hopes when DC brought in Gunn to make the sequel, considering Suicide Squad was supposed to be DC’s answer to Guardians of the Galaxy. After this news, however, it’s hard not to see the typical DC dysfunction once again creeping in. Every time it seems like they take one step forward something happens and they’re two steps back. 

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Matthew Razak
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