Will Star Trek 2 get pushed to Holiday 2012?


With JJ Abrams spending most of hist time these days talking about his upcoming alien flick Super 8, it may be easy to forget that he’s still supposed to be working on a sequel to his 2009 Star Trek reboot. It was just a few days ago that one of his frequent writing partners Roberto Orci told TrekMovie that he and fellow Star Trek 2 writers Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have put together an outline over 70 pages in length (with input from Abrams), and that Abrams hoped to return to the director’s chair, not just produce the film as had been previously speculated. Orci claims the outline is detailed enough to begin some prep, but admits the script has not been completed. With Star Trek 2‘s June 29, 2012 release date closing in fast, it’s starting to seem that Abrams and crew would be hard pressed to get the film scripted, shot and in theaters in a little over a year’s time. 

Now comes word from Deadline that Paramount will soon announce that the sequel’s release date will be on the move, with the studio targeting a Holiday 2012 window. It’s not all doom and gloom for Trek fans though, as it’s expected Paramount will also reveal JJ Abrams will indeed return as director. 

Personally, I’d like to see Abrams and his team take all the time they need to get Star Trek 2 completed. Their first outing with the franchise was a total blast and the way they managed to reboot the franchise while maintaining ties to the original films and their timeline was nothing short of brilliant. The report mentions that Paramount has no intentions of going ahead with the sequel until JJ Abrams is ready, and Abrams doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy to rush a project out the door, so if you’re jonesing for a fix of spaceships and lens flare, you’ll probably be waiting a bit longer. 

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