Willem Dafoe playing an old person in next movie from The Witch director


Willem Dafoe is in talks to star as a character named Old in The Lighthouse, the next film from director Robert Eggers. The movie will be about an aging lighthouse keeper in Nova Scotia during the early 20th Century. A24 and New Regency will be producing. Beyond that, we got nothing. But these tidbits do leave enough questions for the imagination to run wild.

One of those questions being how ghoulish will they make Willem Dafoe look?

Willem Dafoe is an excellent actor who pours himself into every role he takes, and sometimes he looks nearly human. But with a few tweaks to his physicality and facial structure, that man becomes a nightmare monster made manifest. It’s something morbidly beautiful to behold onscreen.

This sounds so far like a recipe for success. The Witch was a stunning blend of folklore, period drama, and outright horror which made for a relentless and captivating experience, and with a lighthouse dropped in the solitude of Nova Scotia, Eggers will be free to plunder the eerie depths of his setting.

The Lighthouse has no filming or release dates scheduled.

Willem Dafoe to Star in Thriller From ‘The Witch’ Helmer [THR]

Kyle Yadlosky
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