William Monahan will polish Sin City 2 script


Robert Rodriguez has been talking for over five years about making a sequel to Sin City, his acclaimed adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, but has proven himself in recent years to be more Mexican’t than Mexican on that front. He has gained infamy as a director who promises more than he can chew, both in terms of the projects he does end up taking and the results he produces – Sin City, where he was taking great care to replicate panels from the novel, was as far as I’m concerned the only time he has come close to matching the level of talent hinted at by his no-budget debut, El Mariachi.

When he declared that Sin City 2 was back on track at this year’s Comic Con, everyone was too wise to take his claims seriously. Fortunately it looks as though he has turned the corner, hiring William Monahan to polish Frank Miller’s original script. Monahan has the credentials for this kind of project, having won an Oscar for The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s take on Infernal Affairs, and shown strong noir influences in his directorial debut, the admittedly underwhelming London Boulevard.

The important thing, though, is that the movie actually seems to be going forward and there may be a legitimate reason to start getting excited for it. Miller’s ‘A Dame To Kill For’ will reportedly make up the central plotline and was one of the best Sin City novels. Fingers crossed on all fronts.

[via Superhero Hype]