William Shatner has a role in Star Trek 3 if he wants it


Rumors are coming in that screenplay for the third Star Trek film may have a crucial part for William Shatner that will reteam him with Leonard Nemoy. Evidently the part is a pretty integral part of the film and thus won’t end up cut from the script as Shatner’s cameo in the original infamously did. All I can say is if this isn’t some sort of flashback I don’t want it despite the fanboy inside me begging for it.

I actually loved the fact that the reboot of Star Trek went back in time and actually excused a reboot within context of the universe without destroying the timeline that had already existed. It’s a level of respect for an original franchise that most reboots don’t show. However, it’s done now. This crew is supposed to be branching out on their own and if Nemoy’s cameo in Into Darkness is any indication then this Shatner one will feel shoehorned in. Fingers crossed that if it does happen it doesn’t have to do with time travel.

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Matthew Razak
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