William Shatner shuts down Captain Kirk cameo ideas


If you’ve been watching Star Trek: Picard since it aired in January, you may be wondering if another beloved Captain will be returning to the small screen. Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself, aka actor William Shatner, made it quite clear on Twitter that this dream will never happen.

This all stems from a fan tweeting a question to the star asking if Kirk would ever come back or get his own rebooted series. As you can see in the exchange, it’s safe to say Shatner was having none of it. His general annoyance likely stems from being asked this question for years and years.

As avid Star Trek fans likely know, Kirk died in the film Star Trek: Generations. This basically slashed all hope of him ever returning. I guess die-hard Kirk fans just want him to get some love like how Picard is right now.

Even though Shatner may not return, we could yet see another actor step into Kirk’s shoes for a TV series. This wouldn’t be dissimilar to the rebooted Star Trek films starring Chris Pine as the eponymous captain. Who knows at this point?

What is clear is that Shatner wants fans to stop asking the same question and just enjoy Picard.

William Shatner Refuses To Reprise His Role As Captain Kirk, ‘Star Trek’ Icon Says Character Is “Played Out” [Deadline]

Tarah Bleier
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