Williams cast as Glinda in Oz The Great & Powerful


We know that in the coming years the Oz, the mythical land made famous by Frank Baum and then Judy Garland, is going to be ripped apart by Hollywood in the pursuit of more money thanks to no less than six films being made about the mythical land. The most promising of these six, in my option, is Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great and Powerful, which has just signed Michelle Williams to play everyone’s favorite good witch Glinda.

The cast for the film was already stellar with James Franco play Oz (replacing Robert Downey Jr. who had to drop out of the role), Mila Kunis playing the good witch gone bad Theodora and Rachel Weisz play Theodora’s older and poorly evil sister. Raimi reportedly wanted Hillary Swank for the role, but Disney wanted Williams and the studio seems to have won out for whatever reason.

Did I mention Sam Raimi is directing? Signs point to this movie not sucking, especially since Williams is so picky about what movies she stars in. She’s never really tent-poled a big blockbuster like Oz The Great and Powerful is looking to be so hopefully there is good reason she’s decided to jump into it.

[via The Playlist]

Matthew Razak
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