Willis, Van Damme are expendable in Expendables 2


The sequel to The Expendables is getting more ridiculous by the day. Dark Horizons reports that Bruce Willis is returning for part two of the action epic, and Jean Claude Van Damme might be joining him. “Apparently it’s going to happen this year… As far as I know, barring any unforeseen circumstances,” said Willis.

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of drama concerning JCVD’s involvement with the sequel. The word around the campfire is that Jean Claude is in, as long as Steven Seagal isn’t. But this isn’t because the two aren’t on good terms, it has to do with producer Avi Lerner, who has had bad experiences with Seagal in the past.

Personally, I hated Expendables 1, so this news of a sequel doesn’t do anything for me. But I understand why people like it. And hey, I’m all for Bruce Willis being in things.

[via Dark Horizons]