Willow Smith to whip her hair back and forth as Annie?


Hot music sensation and Will Smith spawn, Willow Smith, could be making a move into Hollywood amidst rumors of an Annie remake. Following in the steps of her older brother, Jaden, Willow will become the next member of the Smith family to star in her own movie.

According to Variety, Will Smith is in talks with Sony to produce the well-known musical, Annie. Also rumored is rap mogul, Jay-Z, heading the soundtrack. The hopes are Willow will be just as much of a draw as both her father and brother, as her older sibling’s critically-acclaimed The Karate Kid remake netted Sony a solid $350 million worldwide.

However, what I’m mostly concerned about is Willow Smith effectively playing Annie. While I’m not doubting her potential acting ability, I’m a bit hard-pressed to picture her playing an orphan who’s treated like crap primarily because of her Gingervitis. I mean, that’s why she was picked on, right?

[via Variety]