Win a fancy Limited Edition Electric Man poster


To commemorate the DVD release of the upcoming film Electric Man, we have got a pretty awesome looking special edition poster to give away to our loving readers. The film tells the story of Jazz and Wolf, two guys who run a comics shop in Edinburgh. They owe their landlord money that they don’t have, and then they suddenly acquire a copy of Electric Man #1. Awesome, right? Except it’s worth a ton of money and there are other people who want it. 

Because the film is about people doing probably bad things to get very rare and expensive comic books, leave a comment about the worst thing you would do (to yourself or someone else) to get acquire a £100,000 comic. Also, even though the film was made in Europe, this contest, like all of our others, is US only. So… sorry about that, people from other countries.

The contest will run until Tuesday, September 10, which is when the DVD comes out. If you have a Flixist account, just post under that and we’ll PM you if you win. If you don’t, either make one and join the family or leave your email address with the comment.

And be sure to check out our review of Electric Man next week, where you get to find out if that limited edition poster you won is for a movie that you might actually want to see.