Win a scary awesome Indiana Jones replica from Tomopop


Remember that one part in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Mr. Kali Ma Shakti De makes Indiana drink the blood of Kali out of a creepy ass skull chalice thingy? Well, it’s the Chalice of Kali, which you might soon find staring back at you from what used to be the comfort of your own home.

Indeed, our sister site Tomopop is running a short contest to give away the replica seen above, and boy is it impressive. Seriously, I think if you actually did drink out of that you would turn into Mola Ram. I recommend this for display only.

To enter, head over to Tomopop and follow the very reasonable instructions that require no blood drinking or heart immolation. And don’t forget that you can own three awesome DVDs right here on Flixist. Free things abound!