Winnie the Pooh is now getting the live-action Disney treatment


Hot off the heels of Beauty & the Beast, Mulan, and Tim Burton’s Dumbo, Disney has announced yet another property to give a live-action adaptation– Winnie the Pooh. The film will be written by Sundance film maker, Alex Ross Perry, and is reportedly set to join an adult Christopher Robin as he returns to the Hundred Acre Wood to see his childhood friends.

This story definitely feels like one meant to play off of the nostalgia of adults who grew up with the older Pooh films and who themselves are also adults returning to the characters of their childhoods. I would fully expect at least one tirade from a live-action grown Christopher Robin explaining to a small crowd of CGI animals what “real” adult responsibilities entail.

We’ll keep you updated on the various adaptions Disney is planning in the months to come, as they will no doubt continue to announce even more of these. In fact, let’s see if we can’t guess what the next announcement will be– my money’s on The Black Cauldron.

(I’m also going to use this opportunity to advise you go watch the excellently underrated Winnie the Pooh from 2011 if you haven’t done so already.)

[via Dealine]