Wizard of Oz getting 3D re-release


It’s hard to imagine how stunning The Wizard of Oz must have been to someone seeing it on the big scree 75 years ago. The incredible color and spectacle weren’t really matched back then, but for a modern audience seeing the classic on the big screen is nearly impossible. Thankfully there’s a very obvious upside to digital projectors and the 3D fad trend: re-releases.

The Wizard of Oz is getting a 3D converted re-release this September. Coinciding with the release of a 75th anniversary Blu-ray for the film, which will arrive in October, the 3D re-release will run for one week on Sept. 20 in IMAX theaters nationwide.

Seeing it on a massive screen with completely restored sound and image is sure to be a stunning experience, but I’m not so sure about the 3D converting. Obviously, it’s entirely unnecessary and I’m pretty sure the movie could move tickets on its own name without the conversion. Yes, it’ll raise ticket prices, but I bet they could have saved just as much by not spending money on a conversion.  

[via USA Today]

Matthew Razak
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