Wong Kar-wai rushing to finish The Grandmasters


Roughly five years in the making and oft-delayed, Wong Kar-wai’s Yip Man biopic The Grandmasters is almost done. Almost. The Hollywood Reporter says that Wong is doing last-minute post-production right now. How last minute? The film is going to screen for Chinese censors and press on Saturday, January 5th. The world premiere of the film will be in Beijing on January, 6th. It will finally open across Mainland China on January 8th, and then in Hong Kong on January 10th.

The Playlist has learned that the film will run around 133 minutes. This may change a little if Wong is still tweaking the flow of the film. At this point, it’s like writing a final paper for a literature class, so I’m worried about certain imperfections or wobbliness. (This movie better not just be about the nature of semiotics to kill time. You’re going to get a C+ if you do that, Wong. They’re onto you and your games!)

To tide everyone over until the film releases domestically, a number of still have been released featuring Tony Leung and Song Hye-kyo. The Grandmasters makes its international premiere at The Berlin Film Festival in February.

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