Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmasters delayed yet again

Wong Kar Wai | THE GRANDMASTERS trailer | English subtitles

Guess what delayed production just got delayed again. Wong Kar-wai’s Yip Man biopic The Grandmasters has been pushed back to January 8th, 2013, though there may be more delays ahead. The rumor is that Wong Kar-wai is shooting new footage for the film.

Honestly, at this point it would be weird to hear things were going as planned for The Grandmasters, which has been roughly five years in the making. (Three of those years have been spent in production and post.) Given all the delays, there’s probably immense pressure on Wong Kar-wai to deliver something that justifies such a lengthy shoot. Give it 25 more years and Wong may hit Richard Williams territory for quixotic persistence and perfectionist obsession.

In the meantime, an English-subtitled trailer for the film and some new posters have been released. You can check out the posters in the gallery. Still no word on an international release for The Grandmasters, but that’s probably the least of Wong Kar-wai’s worries right now.

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